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AMERICA CONCRETE SERVICE is a national concrete chipping company specializing in the cleaning or chipping of Ready Mix Drums, Central Mixers and Full Loads.

AMERICA CONCRETE SERVICE is also well equipped to handle your special needs (i.e. Silo, Re-claimer and Plant Cleaning).

All of our CRT’s (Concrete Removal Technicians) are Employee’s not contract labor. We’ll never sub-out the cleaning of your trucks. ACS is the only National Service that can say this. Ask your vendor if they use contract labor....

You can call us the concrete chippers, the chipping guys, the concrete chipping "Dudes".  We don't care as long as when you need concrete chipping done whether it be for you Mixer truck cleaning, plant clean up, or silos cleaning you call us!

03/2015 -America Concrete Service has been acquired by
Medellin Concrete Chipping Service Inc.

We will continue to offer excellent service to all existing America Concrete Service Customers.


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